There are some people who feel that their main push towards home brewing was the high prices charged for commercial beers in stores and bars. This is understandable, too. After all, the companies who produce the world’s most popular beers are making a huge profit because it doesn’t cost them anything like as much to produce a bottle of their product than it does for us to buy one. As an economic move, brewing your own beer can be a sensible step.

However, there are many people who will look at the amount of equipment they need in order to make a batch of beer and go off the idea immediately. It is a big outlay to start off with, and for the same price you could easily go into a store and buy several crates of beer. The question you need to ask yourself is: Am I committed enough to this to make it work – to the point where I will make enough beer to break even on the deal?

That may take some time, and when ingredients are taken into account you will not break even in the early months unless you are drinking so much of the home brewed beer that you would be in no fit state to operate the equipment. You will need to really be committed, and do this long term, to make it an economical move. Of course, you may not be doing this for economy. If you are just doing it for the enjoyment and the craft, then you are likely to stick with it for longer.

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