Brooklyn Homebrew’s mission is to provide New York area homebrewers access to a wide range of hops, malts, yeast, extracts, honeys, spices and specialty products.

We are happy to offer several unique products produced in and around Brooklyn, sold side-by-side with brewing ingredients from the brands you already know and love. At Brooklyn Homebrew we place the greatest importance on the quality and freshness of the ingredients that we offer.

In addition, we strive to offer all of the tools, equipment and hardware needed for both the novice and the veteran homebrewer. We are always in pursuit of new and better products at a fair price. Even more importantly to us, we try to source products from American manufacturers and farmers whenever possible.

At our shipping facility, we make an effort to reuse as much shipping material as possible to aid in reducing the waste that we produce. We encourage all brewers to respect and conserve water and other natural resources as much as possible.

Our staff is made up of very talented individuals with a shared passion for making beer. We hope to introduce and educate a new generation of people to brewing at home. It is our goal to establish a long lasting relationship with our customers. We take pride in what we do, and appreciate your feedback to help us serve you better.

Please be aware that a product that is in-stock at our warehouse does not guarantee that item is in-stock for pick up at our retail store. Quantities on our website only reflect the inventory at our warehouse. Don’t hesistate to call the shop with questions or to inquire about product availablitiy.

We welcome you to our web-store and appreciate your business!


The Staff of Brooklyn Homebrew

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