Our name is a homage to the once great and impressive amusement park of the same name, founded by Frederick Krug in 1895, in Omaha’s Benson neighborhood. Mr. Krug started his park as a beer garden, serving the very same community that had come to know and love his fine brew at the Krug Brewing Company.

Located within the heart of Omaha’s celebrated Benson area, Krug Park celebrates the city’s lush historical past with vintage aesthetics, design and drink specials.

Our building is a restored construction from 1908. Our newly refinished floors are the original wood and you can see the beautiful brick-work of the original building all across our east wall.

A craft beer bar with over 50 brews on tap, Krug Park | Beer, Bloody Marys and Spirits was established in the summer of 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska.

We aim to continue the early 20th century’s sense of style and Mr. Krug’s respect and adoration for fine brews and invite you to enjoy a fine drink with us tonight.

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