Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.

Rating: Case

ABV: 6.2%
IBUs: 50
Style: IPA
Calories: 199

Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Chinook, Cascade
Malts: Wheat Malt, Oats


Mortal Bloom IPA is a vibrant journey through a tropical paradise, embodied in a can. Its radiantly hazy appearance hints at the lush experience waiting within. Pouring a glass reveals a moderately hazy, golden hue that sets the stage for the vibrant aroma that follows. The nose is greeted by an explosion of citrus, with prominent notes of pineapple and mango, thanks to the Citra, Mosaic, and Cascade hops. These tropical fruits dance together, promising a complex and inviting flavor profile.

The first sip confirms the promise of the aroma. The citrus and tropical notes hit the palate with an intensity that is both refreshing and exhilarating. Despite its bold flavors, Mortal Bloom manages to keep its bitterness in check. At 50 IBUs, the bitterness is present but subtle, allowing the fruitiness to shine through without being overpowering. The combination of wheat malt and oats contributes to a soft, velvety mouthfeel that makes each sip incredibly smooth and satisfying.

Mortal Bloom IPA Review

What sets Mortal Bloom apart is its balanced profile. The tropical fruit flavors are intense yet harmoniously integrated into the beer’s body, avoiding any harsh aftertaste that can sometimes accompany hop-forward IPAs. This balance makes Mortal Bloom not just a drink, but an experience—one that invites you to embrace the unconventional and explore the boundaries of what an IPA can offer.

This beer’s approachable bitterness and soft finish make it an excellent choice for both seasoned IPA lovers and those new to the style. It’s versatile enough to enjoy on its own or paired with a variety of dishes, from spicy foods to grilled meats.

Given its flavor complexity, moderate bitterness, and smooth mouthfeel, Mortal Bloom earns a solid rating of Case. This is a beer you’ll want to keep on hand for gatherings, celebrations, or simply to enjoy as a reliable and flavorful go-to option. Whether you’re exploring new craft beers or sticking to trusted favorites, Mortal Bloom IPA is a standout choice that proves you can find exceptional quality in the most unexpected places.

Final Thoughts: Mortal Bloom is a testament to the beauty of balance in brewing. It’s radiant citrus and tropical notes, combined with a smooth finish, make it an unforgettable experience worthy of a permanent spot in your beer lineup. Embrace the unconventional and savor the unexpected with each delightful sip of Mortal Bloom IPA.

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Author: Stu

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